Down Down the Deep River DVD

Released 2015
Running time: 42:22

DVD includes a documentary on the production of the film, deleted scenes, and an anthology of all of the Okkervil River music videos to date, including a new exclusive video Will made for "Comes Indiana Through the Smoke." All DVD purchases also come with instant download of the soundtrack.

Bonus offer!  All DVD purchases come with a FREE mystery Okkervil River T-shirt.  Choose size below.  The style shirt you receive will be chosen randomly from the Okkervil River merch vault.

*NOTE: Soundtrack download comes as a ZIP file, which may not download directly to a smart phone or tablet. We recommend downloading to a laptop or desktop computer to access your files, which can then be added to your mobile devices.

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Track Listing

Soundtrack/Score by Okkervil River and Lovestreams

  1. Down Down the Deep River
  2. Project Cyclops
  3. Down Down Bonner Road
  4. Dork Loser Spazz
  5. Strange Interference From Unknown Frequencies
  6. Spring Journey
  7. The A-Frame
  8. Down Down Rte 12A
  9. I Can't Think of Any Job Worth Getting Out of Bed in the Morning For
  10. The Time Capsule
  11. Down Down Methodist Hill
  12. Back to School
  13. Fall Journey
  14. The Being
  15. You Think Evil Can Be Killed with Bullets
  16. I Eat Mop
  17. Come Back and Fight
  18. Sleep Well in the Sea
  19. Down Down Meriden Mobile Court Drive
  20. Losing a Friend
  21. Everything Changed
  22. Winter Journey
  23. Spring Again