Vee Vee (Remastered) LP

2012 Merge Records

Re-mastered by Bob Weston and featuring new liner notes by Magnet Magazine editor Eric Miller, and new cover art re-imagined by graphic artist Jay Ryan.

Black vinyl LP includes download coupon for entire album + Bonus Tracks.

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Track Listing

Side A

  1. Step Into The Light
  2. Harnessed In Slums
  3. Nevermind The Enemy
  4. Greatest Of All Time
  5. Underdogs Of Nipomo
  6. Floating Friends

Side B

  1. 1985
  2. Fabricoh
  3. Nostalgia
  4. Let The Loser Melt
  5. Death In The Park
  6. The Worst Has Yet To Come
  7. Underachievers March and Fight Song

Bonus Downloads:

  1. Harnessed in Slums (Bob Weston Radio Mix)
  2. Telepathic Traffic
  3. Don’t Believe the Good News
  4. Smoking Pot in the Hot City
  5. Mutes in the Steeple
  6. Mark Price P.I.
  7. Bacteria
  8. Equinox 
  9. (Big Joe and) Phantom 309
  10. 1985 (Marathon Boombox Demo)
  11. Fabricoh (Marathon Boombox Demo) 
  12. Nostalgia (Marathon Boombox Demo)
  13. Let the Loser Melt (4-Track Demo)
  14. Underdogs of Nipomo (4-Track Demo)
  15. Nevermind the Enemy (4-Track Demo) 
  16. Don’t Believe the Good News (4-Track Demo)