Live at Montreux 1977 DVD

Bonnie Raitt's appearance at Montreux in 1977 was a part of her first European tour. This DVD gives ample evidence that the young Bonnie already possessed the qualities that would later make her a multi-award winning star. Her trademark combination of acoustic balladry, electric rock and gritty blues is in full evidence. As a bonus, four tracks from Bonnie's return performance in 1991 are also included.

Running time: 74 mins
Available Audio: PCM Stereo, Dolby Surround 5.1, DTS Digital Surround Sound.
This DVD is Region 1 NTSC Encoded
Audio Note: These shows were recorded and mixed live onto two-track analogue tape by the engineers in the Montreux recording truck. While there was no multi-track to remix, the original two-track recordings have been digitally remastered to enhance the quality of the sound.

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Track Listing

1. Under The Falling Sky  
2. Walk Out The Front Door  
3. Good Enough  
4. Nothing Seems To Matter  
5. Love Me Like A Man  
6. Give It Up, Or Let Me Go  
7. Women Be Wise  
8. I Thought I Was A Child  
9. Home  
10. Sugar Mama  
11. Runaway

Bonus Performance, 1991:  
1. Papa Come Quick   
2. Good Man, Good Woman  
3. Three Time Loser  
4. Think (with special guest Charles Brown)