Souls Alike CD

Capitol Records (2005)

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Even a quick listen to Souls Alike, the eighteenth album from Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bonnie Raitt, reveals a number of surprises. It’s her first album ever to bear the credit "Produced by Bonnie Raitt." Conspicuously absent are her signature 12-bar blues stomps, and where most of her projects have contained a mix of songs written by both celebrated songwriters and her own new discoveries, all eleven compositions on Souls Alike come from lesser-known writers with whom Raitt feels a deep affinity and whose work she wants to champion. That connection--together with a flourishing creative collaboration with her beloved touring band and co-producer/engineer Tchad Blake--provided the lifeblood and inspiration for the album's direction, and even its title.

Track Listing

  1. I Will Not Be Broken
  2. God Was In The Water
  3. Love On One Condition
  4. So Close
  5. Trinkets
  6. Crooked Crown
  7. Unnecessarily Mercenary
  8. I Don't Want Anything To Change
  9. Deep Water
  10. Two Lights In The Nighttime
  11. The Bed I Made