Simple Things CD

Simple Things marked King’s transition from Epic Records to the Capitol label, and also introduced songwriter/husband Rick Evers as her collaborative partner (the marital and creative partnership was short lived, as Evers died within a year after the release of the ten-song set). The King-Evers songwriting is fleshed out by King’s six-piece band, Navarro: guitarists Rob McEntee and Mark Hallman, bassist Rob Galloway, drummer Michael Wooten, percussionist Miguel Rivera, and flutist/saxophonist/clarinetist Richard Hardy.

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Track Listing

1. Simple Things
2. Hold On
3. In The Name Of Love
4. Labyrinth
5. You’re The One Who Knows
6. Hard Rock Café
7. Time Alone
8. God Only Knows
9. To Know That I Love You
10. One