Welcome Home CD

Welcome Home is an eclectic and exploratory outing, with songs ranging from the Beatle-esque (“Venusian Diamond”) to the dance beat (“Disco Tech”). But the album is also marked by tragedy. It’s King’s second recording to showcase the collaborative songwriting partnership with her husband Rick Evers, who died in the months between the completion of the recording sessions in January 1978 and the release in May (Evers appears prominently in the album photos). Welcome Home – with backing by her band Navarro – provides a snapshot of an artist willing to take risks by stepping beyond preconceptions to embrace a range of styles.

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Track Listing

1. Main Street Saturday Night
2. Sunbird
3. Venusian Diamond
4. Changes
5. Morning Sun
6. Disco Tech
7. Wings Of Love
8. Ride The Music
9. Everybody’s Got The Spirit
10. Welcome Home