Darkest Hour Download

2003 Henrietta Records

"Here it is:  it's all me; I wrote all the tunes and do all the playing and singing.  I hope you like it.  It's the kind of blues that means a lot to me.  It's where I started and it's where my heart still is - back in Memphis down on Beale Street."- Charlie Musselwhite

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Track Listing

  1. Baby-O
  2. If I Should Have Bad Luck
  3. I Had Trouble
  4. Stingaree
  5. Blues Up The River
  6. In Your Darkest Hour
  7. My Good To See
  8. Mississippi Blues
  9. Clarksdale Boogie
  10. My Road Lies In Darkness
  11. The Muscle In My Arm
  12. Blues For John Lee
  13. All Through The Night
  14. Please Remember Me
  15. Durant Station