Extralife LP

2018 Thirty Tigers

Order Extralife on black vinyl, and receive an instant download of two tracks. 

The physical LP will then arrive in a few short days. You’ll have to find something called a “record player” in order to play it—it’s gonna be all the rage I tell ya. Packaging includes lyrics and a download code for the full digital album.

Co-produced by Dan Cardinal (Josh Ritter, Low Anthem) and mastered by Jeff Lipton.

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Track Listing

1. Extralife
2. Singularity
3. Futures
4. Hold Your Head Up High
5. Eschaton
6. Old Friend
7. Lindisfarne
8. The Rabbit And The Pointed Gun
9. Indian Orchard Road
10. Rita Hayworth
11. Orion
12. Best Of The Best Of Times