Martin Simpson & Dom Flemons Ever Popular Favorites LP

Release Date: Dec 29th 2016, Fledg'ling Records

Previously unavailable in the US, the 2016 debut collaboration between UK folk veteran Martin Simpson & Dom Flemons

Dom ~ “We explored how folk songs travelled between England and North America. Martin and I have a shared interest in the early American Songsters. He told me that even though he doesn’t generally play their songs he is a fan of people like Henry Thomas and Peg Leg Howell. We also spoke of our mutual admiration of revivalists and folksingers like Mike Seeger and UK collectors like Peter Kennedy and Seamus Ennis.”

Martin ~ “It was so easy to find a repertoire in common with Dom, I immediately felt at ease and at home with all the music we discovered we shared. I was overjoyed when the quills and bones and banjo and Dom’s wonderful energy emerged on the first rehearsal, it reinvigorated songs and styles for me.”

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Track Listing

Side A

  1. My Money Never Runs Out
  2. John Hardy
  3. If I Lose
  4. Little Sadie
  5. Pay Day
  6. Short Time Come Again No More

Side B

  1. Too Long (I've Been Gone)
  2. Bulldoze Blues
  3. Stealin'
  4. Champagne Charlie
  5. Coalman Blues
  6. Buckeye Jim