Crooked Fingers LP (Reissue)

Originally released, 2000. Merge Records reissue, 2016. LP contains coupon for full album download with nine bonus tracks of demos and rarities.

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Track Listing

Side One

  1. Crowned in Chrome
  2. New Drink for the Old Drunk
  3. Pigeon Kicker
  4. Man Who Died of Nothing At All
  5. Broken Man

Side Two

  1. Black Black Ocean
  2. Juliette
  3. She Spread Her Legs and Flew Away
  4. Under Sad Stars
  5. A Little Bleeding

Bonus Download Tracks

  1. Our New Favorite (1998 Cassette 4-Track Demo)
  2. Crowned in Chrome (1998 Cassette 4-Track Demo)
  3. New Drink for the Old Drunk (1998 Cassette 4-Track Demo)
  4. Pigeon Kicker (1998 Cassette 4-Track Demo)
  5. Broken Man (1998 Cassette 4-Track Demo)
  6. Black Black Ocean (1998 Cassette 4-Track Demo)
  7. A Little Bleeding (1998 Cassette 4-Track Demo)
  8. Atchafalayan Death Waltz (from the Sub Pop single)
  9. Red Devil Dawn (for the self-released 7")