Blues Ain't Pretty CD

(2001) Well, 'nuff said! This 14 song collection is rough and tumble, just like it oughta be! Features David "Kid" Ramos, Kirk "Eli" Fletcher, Jeff Turmes, Steve Marsh, "Brother Red" Young, and David Kida rockin' your soul. For a limited time, CDs are autographed by Janiva!

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Track Listing

1. Blues Ain't Pretty  
2. Nobody Loves You Like Me   
3. It's Your Voodoo Working   
4. The More I Keep On Losin'  
5. I Don't Know  
6. Makin' Money   
7. St. Gabriel  
8. Act Right   
9. Tell Me How Do You Feel  
10. Help Me To Find Love  
11. I'm Gonna Play the Honky Tonks   
12. Tell Me What I Did Wrong  
13. Every Dog Has His Day  
14. Heartbreaker