Bury Him At The Crossroads CD

Northern Blues Records (2004) - An up close and intimate view. 13 small ensemble recordings featuring West Coast Blues Wrecking Crew of Jeff Turmes, Stephen Hodges, Richard Bell, and Colin Linden.

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Track Listing

1. A Woman Knows   
2. The Whale Has Swallowed  
3. Everything Gonna Be Alright  
4. Lost and Lookin'  
5. Wasn't That Enough  
6. The Soul of a Man   
7. That's No Way to Get Along  
8. Bury Him at the Crossroads  
9. One More Heartache  
10. I'm Leaving You  
11. Less and Less of You  
12. Ain't Lost Nothin'  
13. Eat the Lunch You Brought