Live From Alabama CD

Recorded in Isbell's home state during a couple of sold out shows in August 2012 at the WorkPlay Theater in Birmingham, AL and Crossroads in Huntsville, AL.  The album's set list showcases the diversity of styles the band can ease into and the versatility and skill of their musicianship.  Add in the passion and sheer intensity of their performances, plus a three-piece horn section, and you have an album that captures a band in their true element at their prime.

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(2012) - Recorded in Birmingham and Huntsville, August, 2012

Track Listing

1. Tour of Duty
2. Decoration Day
3. Goddamn Lonely Love
4. Heart On A String
5. Danko/Manuel
6. In A Razor Town
7. Alabama Pines
8. Outfit
9. Cigarettes and Wine
10. TVA
11. The Blue
12. Dress Blues
13. Like A Hurricane