Smile 2LP

American Recordings (2014 reissue) - Deluxe 2LP reissue of the 2000 album with 6 bonus tracks, remastered audio, new liner notes and new photos. Pressed on audiophile-grade vinyl. First time available on vinyl in the US.

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Track Listing

Side One

  1. Smile
  2. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
  3. What Led Me To This Town
  4. Somewhere In Ohio

Side Two

  1. A Break In The Clouds
  2. Queen Of The World
  3. Life Floats By
  4. Broken Harpoon
  5. Pretty Thing

Side Three

  1. Mr. Wilson
  2. (In My) Wildest Dreams
  3. Better Days
  4. Baby, Baby, Baby

Side Four (Bonus Tracks)

  1. Who Made You King*
  2. Gypsy In The Mood
  3. A Part Of You (demo)**
  4. Life's Little Ups And Downs (live)**
  5. Greta Garbo (demo)**
  6. Five Cornered Blues (demo)**

*previously commercially unavailable
**previously unreleased