Closer to You LP+CD

Release Date: April 26, 2019 Because Music.

  • Double heavyweight 180g Gatefold Vinyl.
  • Includes CD of entire album

Because Music present a reissue of JJ Cale's Closer To You, originally released in 1994. The album was published under the independent French label Delabel and distributed by Virgin Records.

Personnel: JJ Cale - vocals, guitar, synthesizer
James Cruce - drums
Tim Drummond - bass
Jim Karstein - drums, percussion
Christine Lakeland - guitar, vocals
Bill Payne - keyboards
Don Preston - guitar.

"On the two albums that preceded Closer To You, - Travel-Log (1989) and Number 10 (1992) - JJ Cale adopted a more basic musical approach. This album continues the trend. Cale plays a few songs alone (though the overdubbed parts sound remarkably spare), including the title track. Closer To You finds him electronically treating his vocals, a technique that surprisingly makes him sound as down-to-earth as ever." --All Music

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Track Listing

Side A

  1. Long Way Home
  2. Show-Biz Blues
  3. Slower Baby
  4. Devil's Nurse
  5. Like You Used To
  6. Borrowed Time

Side B

  1. Rose In The Garden
  2. Brown Dirt
  3. Hard Love
  4. Ain't Love Funny
  5. Closer To You
  6. Steve's Song