Stay Around 2LP

Release Date: April 26, 2019 Because Music.

  • Double heavyweight 180g Gatefold Vinyl.
  • Includes CD of entire album

Posthumous Album Compiled By Those Closest to Him - His Widow, Musician Christine Lakeland Cale, and Friend and Longtime Manager Mike Kappus

Because Music announces Stay Around, the first posthumous release of works by beloved songwriter, guitarist, and singer JJ Cale, compiled by those closest to him - his widow, musician Christine Lakeland Cale, and friend and longtime manager, Mike Kappus.

Cale spent his career as an “under-the-radar-giant” (the New York Times) and influenced musicians as wide ranging as Neil Young (who wrote in his autobiography, “JJ’s guitar playing is a huge influence on me. His touch is unspeakable. I am stunned by it.”); Beck (who, speaking to the L.A. Times, referred to his “effortlessness…restraint and underplaying” as “very powerful”); Eric Clapton (who, in his autobiography, called Cale “one of the most important artists in the history of rock, quietly representing the greatest asset his country has ever had”); and so many more.

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All of the tracks on Stay Around are previously unreleased, a fact that’s not unusual considering Cale’s modus operandi: often Cale would reserve outtakes from one album for later release on another. Mike Kappus, who represented Cale for 30 years and has worked with his estate since his passing, explains, “‘Roll On,’ the title track of Cale’s last studio album, was 34 years old. He would burn me CDs of demos, and one time I said, ‘You’ve got two good albums on here.’ Some of the tracks had detailed information, some of them had nothing. Some songs might be a full band of his buddies, others were him playing everything. These were songs he really did intend to do something with because they were carried to his typical level of production for release.”

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Light Down Low
  2. Chasing You
  3. Winter Snow
  4. Stay Around

Side B

  1. Tell You ‘Bout Her
  2. Oh My My
  3. My Baby Blues
  4. Girl Of Mine

Side C

  1. Go Downtown
  2. If We Try
  3. Tell Daddy
  4. Wish You Were Here

Side D

  1. Long About Sundown
  2. Maria
  3. Don't Call Me Joe