To Tulsa And Back CD

Release Date: April 26, 2019 Because Music.

A reissue of JJ Cale's To Tulsa And Back, originally released in 2004. The song "These Blues" was used on an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

JJ Cale - vocals, guitar, synthesizer, banjo, all other instruments
Shelby Eicher - fiddle, mandolin
Christine Lakeland - guitar
Don White - guitar
Bill Raffensperger - bass
Gary Gilmore - bass
Walt Richmond - keyboards
Rocky Frisco - keyboards
Jim Karstein - drums
Jimmy Markham - harmonica

CD version comes in a jewel case and includes an eight-page stapled booklet.

"On his first studio outing in eight years, the mythical Okie troubadour turns in a solid set of his trademark dusty blues tunes. What is not so typical, as with Travel-Log from 1990, is that Cale steeps himself in technology and evokes the moods and frameworks of music that intersect with the blues or stand in opposition to them. The keyboards, drum loops, and horns on this record are as pervasive as the guitars." --All Music

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Track Listing

  1. My Gal
  2. Chains Of Love
  3. New Lover
  4. One Step
  5. Stone River
  6. The Problem
  7. Homeless
  8. Fancy Dancer
  9. Rio
  10. These Blues
  11. Motormouth
  12. Blues For Mama
  13. Another Song