Joe Ely Spoken Word CD 3-Pack

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Track Listing

Iron Rhinos CD

Part 1: A Cup of Coffee Onward
Part 2: Bonham to the Deep Freeze
Part 3: Holy Toledo to Manhattan

Bonfire of Roadmaps CD

52 Cities 'Til Christmas CD

  1. Damn, Damn, Damn
  2. Glascow Smokes
  3. East to Ely
  4. Landing in Boston
  5. Canadian Crossing
  6. The Next String of Cities
  7. Ramada Inn Eas Colfax
  8. Between Depression and Freedom
  9. Tucson Confederates
  10. Into the Vast Thankless Void
  11. Adios Vatos Away We Go
  12. The Big Drive is Upon Us
  13. Like a Moon Colony in a Crater
  14. Santa Fe Glows Golden
  15. No Fanfare No Trumpets No Brass Band
  16. Let 'em Go, Foolish Dreamers