The Holiday Sounds of Josh Rouse CD

2019 Yep Roc

Josh Rouse has delivered a fresh approach to the holiday season with a collection of nine new songs that showcase his distinctive blend of vintage folk, pop and rock, yet still fit comfortably alongside more traditional yuletide classics. The Holiday Sounds of Josh Rouse features beautiful harmonies and gentle, bright melodies wrapped in the lush, folk/pop soundscapes that have become his signature. The album illustrates themes of childhood nostalgia and holidays spent away from home, with lighthearted, upbeat instrumentals that make these songs enjoyable year-round. From the rollicking "Sleigh Brother Bill" to the reflective "Letters In The Mailbox" and the dreamy closing track, "Christmas Songs", Rouse is redefining what holiday music can be.

CD purchases of The Holiday Sounds of Josh Rouse will also include an exclusive EP bonus disc, featuring three demos from the album as well as performances of three traditional holiday songs.<br

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Track Listing

  1. Mediterranean Xmas
  2. Red Suit
  3. New York Holiday
  4. Easy Man
  5. Sleigh Brother Bill
  6. Lights of Town
  7. Letters in the Mailbox
  8. Heartbreak Holiday
  9. Christmas Songs