Love in the Modern Age Vinyl LP

2018 Yep Roc

Similar to his work on his album 1972 where he captured the aesthetics of a specific moment in time, Josh’s new album Love in the Modern Age takes inspiration from the sound and production of early 1980’s releases by The Blue Nile, The Style Council and Prefab Sprout. Also serving as inspiration were Roxy Music’s Avalon, Leonard Cohen’s Various Positions and I’m Your Man. Non-ironic touches like sax, handclaps, reverbed guitar, backing vocals and keyboards give the moody but infectious songs a New Romantic flair.

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Track Listing

Side A

  1. Salton Sea
  2. Ordinary People, Ordinary Lives
  3. Love in the Modern Age
  4. Businessman

Side B

  1. Women and the Wind
  2. Tropic Moon
  3. I'm Your Man
  4. Hugs and Kisses
  5. There Was A Time