Strawberry Mansion CD

Release Date: January 29th 2021, Dualtone

Written in his home after his adopted hometown of Nashville was hit by a tornado and the world was hit by a global pandemic, Langhorne Slim's Strawberry Mansion was born while writing a song a day to help reignite his artistic muse. What results is a collection of bursts of joy, hope, struggle, and honest moments from a tumultuous time.

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Track Listing

  1. Mighty Soul
  2. Dreams
  3. No Right Way
  4. Lonesome Times
  5. Alright To Hide
  6. Panic Attack
  7. Sing My Song
  8. Summer Days
  9. House On Fire
  10. Morning Prayer
  11. Colors
  12. High Class
  13.  Blood On Yer Lips
  14. Strawberry Mansion
  15. The Mansion
  16. Last One Standing
  17. Something Higher
  18. Red Bird
  19. For The Children (Demo)