Phonte - No News Is Good News 2LP

Released March 2, 2018

''If CSAH was the champagne of his career, No News Is Good News is the barrel-aged cognac, spiced, smooth, warming, and right on time for this season of life. Highly Recommended. '' - L. Michael Gipson for SoulTracks

''No News Is Good News shows the evolution of Phonte, showing that a grown-ass man can be both boastful and vulnerable without compromising his art.'' - D-Money for SoulBounce

''Not one note or syllable is wasted.'' - Andy Kellman for AllMusic

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Track Listing

Side A
1. To The Rescue

2. So Help Me God
3. Pastor Tigallo

Side B
4. Expensive Genes

5. Cry No More
6. Such Is Life

Side C
7. Change Of Mind feat. Freddie Gibbs

8. Sweet You

Side D
9. Find That Love Again feat. Eric Roberson

10. Euphorium (Back To The Light)