Lowland Hum CD

released April 14, 2015

This past year for us included countless hours of driving and exposure to a lot of new places. We have taken in so much beauty that at times it felt that our minds could not hold a mite more. For much of it we were thankful but the pace and volume of this influx felt almost oppressive at times. Throughout the year we kept wondering if all of the stimulus would result in any creative outpouring. For a while it seemed not to. We felt generally overstimulated and over saturated. When we stepped into the studio to record these songs (many of which were written while on the road), it felt as though a switch was flipped in our brains. A crack formed and all those months of input compounding and building pressure, finally had an opening out of which to flow. Many of the songs quickly grew in scale and scope; something that unnerved us at first. Eventually we gave in and allowed the songs to stretch into whatever shape they seemed to require. We enlisted the help of some talented musicians to allow the songs all of the sonic growth needed. It was invigorating and healing. It is a joy to share the results with you.

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Track Listing

  1. Sunday
  2. Odell
  3. Olivia
  4. Charleston
  5. Jack of Hearts
  6. 1999
  7. Older, Wiser
  8. Fold
  9. Lautrec
  10. Night Driving
  11. Rolling and Rolling
  12. Morning Meal
  13. Under the Rub