Good Souls Better Angels 2LP (Autographed option available)

April 24, 2020 - Thirty Tigers/Highway 20 Records

2LP set includes 5 bonus acoustic demos, and a download card for the album.  Autographed option available!  Sorry, autographs cannot be personalized.

NOTE TO COLLECTORS: autographed LP covers may have slight blemishes from their travels.  They will be in very good to excellent condition, but may not be in mint condition.

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Track Listing

Side A

  1. You Can't Rule Me
  2. Bad News Blues
  3. Man Without A Soul
  4. Big Black Train

Side B

  1. Wakin' Up
  2. Pray The Devil Back To Hell
  3. Shadows & Doubts
  4. When The Way Gets Dark

Side C

  1. Bone Of Contention
  2. Down Past The Bottom
  3. Big Rotator
  4. Good Souls

Side D - exclusive acoustic demos 

  1. Bad News Blues
  2. Pray The Devil Back To Hell
  3. You Can't Rule Me
  4. Man Without A Soul
  5. Wakin' Up