"Eye" Support Mike!

As many fans know, in the fall of 2021 Michael experienced a detached retina which has required two surgeries and a third surgery will take place in July. As a result, Michael's been sporting an eye patch and will continue to do so on the upcoming Stryper tour. On top of the challenge of adjusting to an eye patch, Michael has also racked up some rather large medical bills. Since Stryper depends on tour revenue for a living and with no shows for over two years, the timing of these medical expenses could not be worse.

You can, however, show your support and help out! We've produced these novelty Michael Sweet eye patches to give you a sense of what Michael's world looks like these days. Just like all sales in the official online store, all profits will go directly to Michael. Also, be sure and post your pics on social media and use the hashtag #eyesupportmike, letting folks know.

Minimum price on the eye patch is $15, but you are welcome to make an additional donation by changing the price below.

Availability: In stock