Hiker Life Sticker

Hiker Life vinyl stickers designed and produced by MST member and volunteer Jeff Smith. $1.25 from each sticker sold goes straight to build, maintain, protect and promote the MST. Jeff has been a hiker for over 30 years and created Hiker Life to extol the love and virtues of hiking – similar to Salt Life or Beach Life.

4 inch x 4 inch. Red or black versions available. Please Choose Below.

Jeff says, “As anyone knows who has hiked a greenway or even the entire length of any trail, the Hiker Life is very unique and its rewards are worth noting in a special way. "Hiker Life" is an effort to declare such and challenge others to lace up and experience that life for themselves! With its varied terrain, and historical and regional diversity, the MST is a great place to experience the "Hiker Life!”

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