DOWNLOAD: Austin, TX - June 13, 1975

Recorded at Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX, June 13, 1975.

File Format: MP3 320 kbps

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Track Listing

  1. I Don't Know You
  2. Panama Red
  3. Lonesome LA Cowboy
  4. Austin, Texas
  5. Instant Armadillo Blues
  6. Teardrops In My Eyes
  7. Dirty Business
  8. Henry
  9. Sutter's Mill
  10. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, And Loud, Loud Music
  11. Louisiana Lady
  12. Strangers On A Train
  13. Portland Woman
  14. I'm Bringing Home Good News
  15. You Angel You
  16. She's No Angel
  17. My Dog Peaches
  18. On The Amazon
  19. Before The Next Teardrop Falls
  20. Over And Over
  21. Whiskey
  22. Crooked Judge
  23. I Will Never Make You Blue
  24. New Orleans
  25. La Bamba
  26. Glendale Train
  27. Dead Flowers
  28. Nadine