Daniel Martin Moore - Turned Over To Dreams LP

A new collection of lullabies from DMM. His eighth full length recording opens like a music box with the tender plucks of keys on its title track, and features heartfelt lessons on “Consider the Worlds”, the ache of pining on “You Are Home”, and four carefully chosen covers that range from a 1960s standard, “Touch the Earth”; a haunting interpretation of Brahm’s Lullaby; his own spin on the ever-popular “Stay Awake,” and even his recording of the Mr. Rogers’ classic “It’s Such a Good Feeling.” Moore says he can hardly get through singing it without tearing up, articulating an entire generation’s endearment to the children’s television legend. All of this is punctuated by wonderfully varied interludes like the rising strings of “Amid the Stars” or the soothing electric guitar found on “Drifting” that make for an album that provides a much-needed respite.

Moore chose to record in A=432 (slightly flatter than modern tuning) because of its ability to capture a more mellow sound. “The instruments sing and resonate in different ways with the tension lessened and loosened,” he says. “The voice itself takes on different shades and overtones, hitting notes and frequencies that don't exist at sharper tunings, and that I had probably not ever sung before.” Many musicians share a deep love for this unusual tuning, and some even point to the fact that the 432 ratio shows up in the natural vibrations of celestial bodies and number sequences found even at the level of DNA. The number 432 is reflected in the ratios of sacred sites like Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids, and many others. Moore was using everything he could to create a warmer and softer listening experience.

The LP is 45rpm for maximum sound quality.

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Track Listing

1. Turned Over to Dreams
2. Consider the Worlds
3. O'er Wave & Sky
4. Good Evening, Good Night
5. Amid the Stars
6. You Are Home
7. Touch the Earth
8. Drifting
9. Stay Awake
10. It's Such a Good Feeling