Floating Action - Is It Exquisite? LP

Every note on this excellent new Floating Action record is played by the man behind the band, Seth Kauffman. He wrote, performed, produced, recorded, & mixed the album in his studio, Tropical Disease Mobile, in Black Mountain, NC.

Listen to the first track right here.

Each order comes with a unique, one-of-a-kind, original photograph taken by Seth!

LP package includes a code for digital download.

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Track Listing

1. Don't Desert Me
2. Last of the Wildcards
3. My Ticket Out of Here (Pismo)
4. Won't Be Long
5. My Blood Is Bright Red
6. Weak & Blind
7. Seek Then I Found
8. I'm Gonna Take You Down
9. The Silent One
10. Make a Heaven out of a Hell
11. Controlled Burn