Maiden Radio - Wolvering CD

2015 Ol Kentuck Recordings

In this, their 6th year as a band, Maiden Radio brings us the gorgeous new collection, Wolvering. Pulled from an ever-deepening exploration of traditional Kentucky and Appalachian music, Wolvering shines a light on some dark and lovely early-American songs. There are also a couple breath-taking originals, everything being done in their trademark 3-part harmony.

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Track Listing

  1. Adieu False Heart
  2. Little Annie Darlin
  3. Sweet Sunny South
  4. Green Icy Mountain
  5. Charlie's Neat
  6. Cuckoo
  7. Poor Orphan Child
  8. Wolvering
  9. I'm Leaving You
  10. East Virginia Blues
  11. Dawn Chorus
  12. Cold Frosty Morning/Kitchen Gal
  13. You Are My Flower
  14. No More Crying
  15. Will You Miss Me