Pine Mountain Sessions CD

(2019) In a few recording sessions scattered over the autumn & winter & spring of 2017 & 2018, musicians and writers from all across Kentucky gathered on the slopes of Pine Mountain in Harlan County.  These songs that follow the seasons were recorded in a near-century-old chapel with the aim of connecting us all to the important work of the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust and the Pine Mountain Settlement School, with all proceeds benefiting these two great organizations.  

All purchases come with digital download of the whole album, along with digi-only tracks and exclusive bonus tracks.

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Track Listing

Maiden Radio - Dawn Chorus
Carl Broemel - Moonbeam
George Ella Lyon - Meadow
The Other Years - Chapel on Pine Mountain
Marianne Worthington - Bounty
Nathan Salsburg - Ruby's Freilach / Low Spirits

Wendell Berry - The Wild Geese
Brian Schreck - Abscission
Joe Manning with Glen Dentinger - Amigo
Mary Ann Taylor-Hall - Eternity
Daniel Martin Moore - Never Look Away
bell hooks & Rachel Grimes - Kentucky is my Fate

Winter: Warren Byrom - Black Mountain Dogs
Rebecca Gayle Howell - My Mother Told Us
Jim James - Walking in the Snow
Ansel Elkins - Hunter's Moon
The Savage Radley - Red Bird Morning
Teddy Abrams - Improv on Pine Mountain

Joan Shelley - Awake
Silas House - Easter 1954
Ben Sollee - Appalachian Chant #1
Ada Limón - On a Pink Moon
Catherine Irwin - Sugar Cubes & Glue
So It Was - One Foot at Once
Maurice Manning - Birds Arriving in Dim Light