So It Was CD

(2019) The self-titled debut from Louisville Kentucky’s So It Was is an album filled with rich (and sometimes surprising) arrangements all centered around the intricate guitar and engaging voice of songwriter Daniel Lobb. These 10 songs (begun in the States and finished during a stint in France) are bound together by a quiet intensity and their sheer loveliness. In the same way that The Other Years, Joan Shelley, and Nathan Salsburg require the listener to tune-in, this record asks for your time and attention. If you want to really hear it, you’ll need to make space. It offers to you, in return, a golden heart and moments of transcendent beauty.

Produced & Engineered by Daniel Martin Moore
Mastered by Mike Montgomery

Daniel Lobb - Guitar & Vocal
Alexis Marsh - Clarinet, Flute, Sax
Dan Dorff, Jr. - Piano
Scott Moore - Violin
Charlie Patton - Cello
DMM - Piano

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Track Listing

1. You're Alright
2. One Foot At Once
3. The Hour
4. All We Want
5. I Tried
6. I Ache
7. Wake Up
8. You Taught
9. Early In
10. So It Was