Good Dog Bad Dog Barn Loft Concert (Streaming Option)

On Saturday, April 1 Over the Rhine will be hosting another concert in the loft of the barn at Nowhere Else, in Martinsville, Ohio.

Linford and Karin will perform beautiful, bare boned renditions of all the songs on Good Dog Bad Dog, one of Over the Rhine’s most beloved records, an album that one Belfast writer referred to as “Over the Rhine’s New Testament…” With just the grand piano and a few acoustic instruments in the barn loft, we’ll reopen this song cycle, and lean into the opening lines: What a beautiful piece of heartache, this has all turned out to be…

The show will be filmed and available to stream beginning the week of April 3.  You will receive a link allowing you unlimited viewing through April 30.  The link will be emailed to you on or around April 3.  Please be sure to check your spam folder!

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