Love & Revelation LP

Release Date - March 15, 2019, Great Speckled Dog Records

Deluxe 180 Gram Vinyl.

Rolling Stone recently described Over the Rhine as a band “with no sign of fatigue, whose moment has finally arrived.” That’s quite a sentiment for a musical couple marking 30 years of writing, recording and life on the road. “Love & Revelation” is the sound of two songwriters at the height of their powers. Karin Bergquist and Linford Detweiler and their Band of Sweethearts - Jay Bellerose, Jennifer Condos, Greg Leisz, Patrick Warren and Bradley Meinerding - have never sounded more vibrant. While each of the songs can feel like its own short film, the album nonetheless coalesces into a feature-length immersive experience. Dim the lights. May we all be surprised by what we find: a new and much-needed infusion of love and revelation.

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Track Listing

Side One

  1. Los Lunas
  2. Given Road
  3. Let You Down
  4. Broken Angels
  5. Love & Revelation

Side Two

  1. Making Pictures
  2. Betting On The Muse
  3. Leavin’ Days
  4. Rocking Chair
  5. May God Love You (Like You’ve Never Been Loved)
  6. An American In Belfast