Good Dog Bad Dog 2LP

2018 double LP release of the band's beloved home recordings project, originally released in 1996. Gatefold cover with lyrics and liner notes. Includes a download card.

Great Speckled Dog is proud to partner with Redeye for an exciting limited-edition release of Good Dog Bad Dog on vinyl in North America and beyond. This album of home recordings originally released in 1996 became “the little record that could,” quickly out-selling all of Over the Rhine’s previous major label releases and landing Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist on a world tour with kindred spirits Cowboy Junkies.

With the opening salvo, “What a beautiful piece of heartache, this has all turned out to be…” Over the Rhine found the band’s true voice, and a manifesto that has threaded through the fabric of all the releases that followed. The project remains perhaps the band’s best loved and has been passed around like a lost love note by many thousands. Over the Rhine has been receiving heart-felt requests for a Good Dog Bad Dog vinyl release for many years. The day has finally arrived.

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Track Listing

Side A:

  1. Latter Days
  2. All I Need Is Everything
  3. Etcetera Whatever
  4. I Will Not Eat The Darkness

Side B:

  1. Faithfully Dangerous
  2. The Seahorse
  3. Everyman's Daughter

Side C:

  1. A Gospel Number
  2. Poughkeepsie
  3. Willoughby

Side D:

  1. Jack's Valentine
  2. Happy to Be So
  3. Go Down Easy