Linford Detweiler - Grey Ghost Stories Download

(2001) - More spare instrumental music from Linford, ideal for writing, thinking, studying, painting, birthing, and especially nursing -- or so we're told. Available as digital download (MP3)

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Track Listing

  1. I Thought I'd Just Pass This On
  2. I Forgive You
  3. Put On Your Dancing Shoes
  4. I Was Thinking The Same Thing
  5. Sunday Evening
  6. Rosehips
  7. Some Day We'll Move to a Small Farm (and Sit and Watch the Snow Fall)
  8. Pirate Girls
  9. I'm In the Attic Again
  10. Up, Up, Up
  11. New Thrift Store Dress
  12. He Was Happy
  13. Consolation
  14. Shake It Off