Imaginary Day CD

1997 Warner Bros. Records

Written in collaboration with longtime compatriot Lyle Mays, the music on Imaginary Day incorporates a vast array of new sound forms into the group's classic sound. From the Chinese overtone of the title track to the Moroccan drone influence on The Heat Of The Day; from the plaintive acoustic sound of Too Soon Tomorrow and Follow Me to the string-bending dexterity of Into the Dream, and the genre-busting The Roots Of Coincidence, the album is an uncanny mixture of evocative sounds and innovative textures.

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Track Listing

  1. Imaginary Day
  2. Follow Me
  3. Into The Dream
  4. A Story Within The Story
  5. The Heat of The Day (Album Version)
  6. Across The Sky
  7. The Roots of Coincidence
  8. Too Soon Tomorrow
  9. The Awakening