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2008 Nonesuch Records

File Format: MP3 320kbps

The 2002 album Upojenie, now being released domestically for the first time, may be Pat Metheny's most unique and, for many listeners, least well-known project. The guitarist collaborates with popular Polish singer and keyboardist Anna Maria Jopek backed by a group of Polish musicians.

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Track Listing

  1. Cichy Zapada Zmrok
  2. Przyplyw, Odplyw, Oddech Czasu
  3. Tam, Gdzie Nie Siega Wzrok
  4. Biel
  5. Czarne Slowa
  6. Letter From Home
  7. Are You Going With Me?
  8. Zupelnie Inna Ja
  9. Mania Mienia
  10. By On Byl Tu
  11. Upojenie
  12. Piosenka Dla Stasia
  13. Me Jedyne Niebo
  14. Polskie Drogi