One Quiet Night CD

2003 Nonesuch Records

Pat Metheny's One Quiet Night, originally released in 2003, is the guitarist's most simply executed and highly personal set. The night in question was November 24, 2001; the location was the home studio in Metheny's apartment. Metheny began to play around with a new baritone guitar he had just aquired, exploring what he has described as an unusual "low Nashville tuning." As he told Downbeat at the time, "I wasn't thinking about anything other than the sound of one note leading me to the next. It was all about discovery." In late 2002, Metheny decided to cut a few more tracks in the same intuitive, homemad fashion - no overdubs, no other instruments - to complete this disc. He covered a pair of his favorite tunes, Keith Jarrett's "My Song," and Gerry and the Pacemakers' British Invasion hit "Ferry Across The Mersey," as well as Jesse harris's "Don't Know Why," which Norah Jones had just made famous. This reissued edition also features a bonus track, "In All We See," previously unreleased in North America on CD. Metheny's performance remains as heartfelt as it is impromptu; a private, contemplative moment has been trasformed into a timeless work.

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Track Listing

  1. One Quiet Night
  2. Song For The Boys
  3. Don't Know Why
  4. Another Chance
  5. Time Goes On
  6. My Song
  7. Peace Memory
  8. Ferry Cross The Mersey
  9. Over On 4th Street
  10. I Will Find The Way
  11. North To South, East To West
  12. Last Train Home
  13. In All We See