Harmonize Tincture

Rose Petals and Ashwaganda in glycerine.  2 oz. bottle.

Take 30-40 drops orally or just add into your favorite tea or juice for a heart warming sensation.

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~Love & Attune~

Harmonize is a heart opening and harmonizing tonic composed from the magic of wild rose petals, and the grounding powers of Ashwaganha.  Roses assist us in accessing our natural flow, while medicinally assisting the body in purifying the blood, and supportive of cardiovascular function.  Ashwagandha is renowned for its adaptogenic powers, protecting the body from the damaging effects of stress and anxiety, also assiting our body in achieving hormonal balance.  Both plant allies have been used extensively as joy tonics by indigenous peoples and effectively used to treat imbalances surrounding depression, unhappiness, anxiety, and PTSD.

Invitations for use:  Drink 30-50 drops 2-3x per day, or as needed.

Ingredients:  Rose petals^, Ashwagandha root*, Vegetable Glycerin* (non-soy based), less that 3% Cane Spirits*