Leylines 2LP

Release Date: May 3, 2019, Rising Appalachia.

Gatefold Double LP. 

Includes vinyl exclusive bonus track: Resilient (Duo)

Alongside producer, Joe Henry, Rising Appalachia has expanded their sound of beautiful sister-led vocal harmonies into new realms of Appalachian music, American Folk, World Music, Irish and African roots and beyond.

Leylines was produced by Joe Henry, engineered and mixed by Jason Richmond, mastered by Stephen Marcussen, and performed by:

  • Leah Song - vocals, banjo, bodhran
  • Chloe Smith - vocals, guitar, fiddle, banjo
  • David Brown - baritone guitar, stand up bass
  • Biko Casini-  world percussion, ngoni
  • Arouna Diarra - n'goni, talking drum
  • Duncan Wickle - fiddle, cello

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Track Listing

Side A

  1. I Believe in Being Ready
  2. Harmonize
  3. Speak Out  *feat Ani DiFranco
  4. Love Her in the Mornin’ 

Side B

  1. Shed your Grace  *feat Trevor Hall
  2. Sadjuna
  3. Make Magic
  4. Sassafras 

Side C

  1. Sunny Days
  2. Cuckoo
  3. Indigo Dance  *feat Maurice Turner
  4. Resilient (full band)

Side D

  1. Bonus Track: Resiliant (duo)