The Lost Mystique of Being in the Know 2LP

Digital release: May 21, 2021

Let's start with the unknowing,
in this seasonality of uncertainty.
that which always changes,
undos itself
and begins fresh with the morning dawn
after a long night of disheveled dancing.
rowdy trickster.
any true master would never claim to be
someone to follow,
any person ripe in age will tell you
at the end of it all
that they know quite little still
and feel fresh as a child.
parallel time loop.
two ends of a spectrum,
closer together than apart.

so we, too, unknow.
unplug the tendrils and let the music come
claim and identify us
in our rawest form.
uncharted territory always makes for
a better story.
like cupid unrehearsed on his big day
tending to the ewes and lambs
of love.
narcissis left alone by the pool.
ego aside, we step into the room
with tool in hand and a trance to command
the space.
instruments masterfully made of wood and fiber.
mischief over the logical mind, incessant in this time.
where does it end ?
where does it begin ?

its a lost mystique,
this being in the know.

Leah Song - vocals, banjo, bodhran
Chloe Smith - vocals, fiddle, double bass
Biko Casini - djembe, calabash kit, percussion
Arouna Diara - N’Goni, balafon
Duncan Wickel - fiddle, cello
David Brown - guitar, double bass

All songs written, produced, and performed by Rising Appalachia.

Mixed by Jason Richmond
Engineered by Julian Dreyer at Echo Mountain Studios, Asheville NC
Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis

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Track Listing

Side A

  1. Catalyst
  2. Ngoni
  3. Silver

Side B

  1. Tempest
  2. Lost Girl
  3. Top Shelf

Side C

  1. Clay
  2. Keep Going
  3. Depth