Resilient Herbal Super Powder

Reishi mushroom, Chaga mushroom, Maca, Mucuna, Cacao, Dandelion Root.

100% plant based and adaptogenic, alchemical hand crafted, farm to pharmacy. Just add 1-2 tsp to your beverage or food. An excellent energizing addition to coffee, matcha, teas, and smoothies.

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~I am resilient. I trust the movement~

This is a daily superpowder designed to align, empower and energize the body and mind.  It's composed of daily essentials such as Mucuna, for a dopamine boost, powerful adaptogenic + immune protectors, such as Reishi and Chaga, heirloom energizers like Maca and Cacao, along with the renowned liver and gut soothing powers of Dandelion root.  Together they act like a coffee-esc energizer, yet assisting the body in healthy adrenal function with a side of feel good hormones.  Enjoy daily for optimum results.

Invitations for use:  Add 1 tsp to your choice of beverage, milk, tea, food, etc.  Or simply add 1 tbsp to about a cup of hot water, and combine with your choice of milk and sweetener for an exquisite and cozy latte.

Ingredients:  Reishi*, Chaga*, Maca*, Mucuna, Cacao*, Dandelion Root*.