Wider Circles 2LP

Sisters Leah Song and Chloe Smith tear into sound with sensual prowess as words light up soul fires. Listen to their beautiful sound for banjo and fiddle duets and poetic harmonies like only sisters can do… Joined full-time by their beloved band, Biko Casini on percussion, and David Brown on stand up bass and baritone guitar, expect everything from folk standards to jazz, to New Orleans soul, to old mountain traditionals, to activist anthems, as their style redefines folk music as a truly living art. Using sound as a tool to spark a cultural revolution and birth a new movement, come join them as they create soul sounds for us all....

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Track Listing

Side A:

Novels of Acquaintance
Oh Death

Side B:

ean In
Fall On My Knees
Cripple Creek

Side C:

An Invitation
Find Your Way

Side D:

Spirits Cradle
Wider Circles
Bright Morning Stars/Botiwok