Alive LP

Crafted from 2 years of stage serenades from across North America, we give to you our 7th album, ALIVE. Captured from the live lightning bolts that pass between audience and performer in the concert hall, Alive is a magical mixing of free-folk, sister-soul, banjo-bass, and acoustic dance-beat throwdown between the beloved members of Rising Appalachia. Featuring the peppered layers and instrumentation of special guests Arouna Diarra and Ayla Nereo, this album is a compilation of our favorite musical arrangements throughout the years. With these songs we celebrate what makes us truly come alive, rejoicing in our creative and communal shared experience through live song and story.

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Track Listing

  1. Lean In
  2. Cripple Creek (trad.)
  3. Medicin/Caminando
  4. Novels of Acquaintance
  5. Closer to the Edge
  6. Swoon
  7. Wider Circles
  8. Mississippi
  9. Occupy (trad. spiritual/original lyrics)
  10. Cumberland Gap (trad.)
  11. Stromboli (trad. spiritual/original arrangement)