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As I started work on this record the 45th president had just been inaugurated. In the wake of all that was going on it seemed trite to visit my usual topics of love gone awry, quasi-deep thoughts and teen-turned-adult angst for songwriting inspiration. In fact, I found it impossible. I felt, and still feel, an overall sense of sadness and fear. The bad guys have won. Cruelty has triumphed. My son and I cried when 45 was elected. But then after the shock had worn off I watched as people, in their own big and small ways, began to say no. No more. We are not him. We are not hateful. We are hopeful. So I wrote this song, 'Grow Wings'.

In my own kitchen, in my little corner of the world, we say 'put it out there'. Say the love you feel in your heart, and fingers crossed hope that it catches on.

'Start the thread of a song, and let it grow wings'

SB 3/13/17

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