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This song represents our observations and feelings regarding many of the overwhelming events of the year 2017. It was written in a Denver hotel in early September (of 2017) upon our return from a 2 week run in Europe. Jet lagged and feeling sensitive to the world politic, we turned on the news and it was a barrage of floods and fires, civil rights protests being confused with anti patriotism, and escalating nuclear and refugee situations. We felt like we needed to give ourselves and our fans a national pep talk. Everybody gets weary, but we are always faithful in the hearts of people who put love and community first. We hope that we can contribute to a constructive conversation about how we should be acting toward one another and set a good example in our own lives.

In order to put the song to best use, we’ve decided to donate all proceeds from the sale of downloads or licensing for commercial use to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund so that we might serve our returning veterans who are recovering from or learning to live with brain injury.

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