Predecessors 3LP

Dualtone Records (2018) - A three LP package featuring: Cary Ann Hearst’s Lions and Lambs, Michael Trent’s The Winner, and a third LP with never-before-released material from Shovels & Rope’s archives.  Scroll down for track listing.

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Track Listing

Disc I - Lions & Lambs

Side A

  1. The Hardest Thing
  2. Hell's Bells
  3. Can't Say Goodbye
  4. Eastern Continental Divide
  5. Are You Ready To Die?

Side B

  1. The Last Time
  2. American Made Machine
  3. The Thread
  4. Forsaken blues
  5. Who's Gonna Raise These Babies

Disc II - The Winner

Side A

  1. The Winner
  2. Complicated Type
  3. Kitchen-Hallway
  4. Daily Routine
  5. Splintered Fence

Side B

  1. Tell the Truth
  2. Bad Luck
  3. All or Nuthin'
  4. All Those Words
  5. L Bird
  6. When I...

Disc III - The Archives

Side A

  1. Handsome Mollie
  2. Judy Is A Punk
  3. Mexico
  4. Mississippi Heavy Water Blues

Side B

  1. So Lonesome I Could Cry
  2. Sunny Side Of The Street
  3. Tonight You Belong To Me