[DOWNLOAD] Cicada Rock 2020

Hey, what's that buzzin?! It’s Cicada Season here in NC. Brood IX is coming and it's gonna get loud. To celebrate our favorite ugly bug and the eerie song they sing, on Wednesday July 22 the amateur entomologists here at Southern Culture on the Skids are releasing this brand-new recording (digital single) of “Cicada Rock 2020” and premiering a buzzin' new band-made video for it, too, on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Rick says,“I grew up fascinated by cicadas. They look prehistoric. When I was a kid we would walk through the woods collecting all the husks from the pine trees and then have a contest to see who got the biggest. Sometimes we would put them in old metal band-aid tins and shake them like some kind of a good luck charm. When all the cicadas would start to sing around dusk – it sounded like alien spaceships were landing in the woods!”

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