[DOWNLOAD] Surfing On Christmas Day

“SURFING ON CHRISTMAS DAY (Santa Won’t You Bring Me Some Waves)” - With lyrics based on Rick’s more memorable Christmas Day paddle outs and the music rooted in 60’s pop surf sounds, “Surfing on Christmas Day” will be a double overhead addition to your holiday playlist. Rick says, “If you like harmonies soaked in reverb, loud drums, grooving bass and rock and roll guitar, then you are going to like this single”. Mary Huff adds, “Surfing on Christmas Day” is two and a half minutes of stocking stuffing fun that will have you dancing around the house whether you own a surfboard or not, and I know”! Production note: The song was recorded in Rick’s living room with Dave playing drums right where the Christmas Tree goes! Happy Holidays!!!

File Format: MP3 192kbps

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